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Kaylee Naidoo

I,Kaylee Naidoo a grade 12 student declare this testimony to be a true and formal testament regarding my brief experience at BCS Academy and what it stands for.

I transferred to this institution in 2023.

I left a public school with over 1400 students in 2021 and took a year off due to unforeseen and unfortunate health issues which took a toll on my physical and mental health.I felt dismissed as I left the school which I attended for 4 years and I always felt like my gifts were not appreciated or acknowledged by not being an academically gifted student. I felt like I was just a number amongst hundreds of students which unfortunately is the case as a student attending a public school.

However my path led me to this institution. No high-schools accept grade 12 students but I was truly blessed to have a school which accepted me and accommodated my health needs.It became my second home,a sanctuary of knowledge and growth and a nurturing community of teachers who have shaped my character in countless ways.

BCS Academy is a small school , and I was faced with challenges ,like meeting other students but my experience here has been the joy of my life guiding me through all the ups and downs of becoming a young adult.I was not just a student,I was a person who was appreciated for my abilities and capabilities and I was given the attention each and every student deserves in order to succeed.

The rewarding part of attending this institution was having the pleasure and opportunity to have educators who went above and beyond to inspire,motivate and challenge me.They imparted academic knowledge but also instilled in me a love for learning,critical thinking and a passion for exploration.

They undoubtedly believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and they gave me patience,consistency and guidance that I so desperately required to get through the most crucial year in my academic career.

Most importantly they gave gave me hope. They gave me hope that better things are ahead.That hope is what carries you through the toughest times.The hope to let me know that I am stronger than any challenge that comes my way and the hope that I am special and destined for a path far beyond my imagination.I am eternally grateful for their dedication and unwavering support.

I am also indebted to my principal, administrative staff and support personnel who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of the school.Their dedication and hard work often go unnoticed,but they play a crucial role in my life by creating a positive learning environment.

As I move on to new endeavours,I am confident that the values and knowledge instilled in me by BCS Academy will serve a strong foundation for future endeavours.I am excited and optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead and I owe much of that to the education and experiences I have received here.

In conclusion,I can confidently say that as much as a public school offers more,builds independence and instils a back bone in a learner, my journey in a small,independent school has been nothing short of transformative.Every student deserves to be appreciated,accepted and believed in despite their different gifts,abilities,perspectives and opinions.

They deserve to be cheered on and be given every opportunity to excel at school without having to be compared or discouraged by academically gifted students who are usually chosen to lead.

This institution has offered me so much and I will remain deeply appreciative and eternally grateful,. I promise to carry the torch of the BCS Academy legacy with pride and I know I will look forward to witnessing every students' experience after mine.

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